Screening of advertising films created by students of the TC department Thursday 13 April 2023

News IUT 17 April 2023

Thursday 13 April 2023, in the amphitheatre of the IUT of Avignon University, students from the Marketing Techniques department, enrolled in BUT 2 screened advertising films to an audience made up of of students from the TC department, as well as the pedagogical team, advertising films created and imagined by the second year students.

Screening of advertising films created by the students of the TC department

This projection is the result ofa partnership with the company Ateliers bio de Provencelocated in Carpentras. This company asked our second year students to design a fresh pasta project, a project that could inspire the company's ongoing innovation process.

Mr. Eric Martin, Commercial Director of Ateliers bio de Provence was with us and participated in the animation of this screening and in the deliberations of the jury.

The nominees were :
- For the Audience Award

Group "Tortellico": Julien Bozzi, Corentin Deschamps, Anas Mansouri, Thomas Pardon, Nawfel Taibi, Alan Vidau

- For the Jury Prize
Group "Sorrentinos: Estelle Arago, Lou Coussin, Benjamin Lurmin, Valentin Michel, Benjamin Perrier, Francia Maholidy

These winners, invited by Mr Martinwithin the Organic workshops in ProvenceIn addition to the screening of the films, the companies will present their advertising films to the entire staff and will receive a prize at the end of the screening.

This action was an opportunity for 1st year students of the TC department to find out what exercise they will have to do when they are in the second year.
This encourages this young generation to excel.

We would like to thank all the teaching team for this support to students of the TC departmentthroughout their journey, as well as Mr Eric Martin, for the support and motivation he gave to these young people.