why packaging training?

  • The University Bachelor of Technology (B.U.T.) in Packaging Packaging and Packaging (PEC) trains generalists in packaging, capable of accompanying companies in their evolution and adaptation. Their skills are multidisciplinary; they are able to participate in the stages leading from the expression of the need to the final packaging, its packaging, transport, control and recycling.
  • The Packaging and Packing GOAL will provide the candidate with :
    • training Scientific and technical product design, graphics, prototyping, etc., while mastering all the machines (3D printers, prototyping machines, laser cutting, etc.) and software (SolidWorks, ArtiosCad, etc.) associated with packaging.
    • research training for innovation New, recyclable, degradable materials and the design of new connected packaging, with an omnipresent environmental and sustainable concern.
    • training that is perfectly suited to integration into the world of work. the companies industrial.
  • The course recruits both general baccalaureate students (particularly scientific options) and technological baccalaureate students (with priority given to the STI2D, STL and STD2A series). For the other options and series, we will recruit candidates who can show great motivation for the training and demonstrate that they have made efforts to seek information in the field of packaging.

The application for registration in the department is made via the platform Parcoursup.


The 4 skills developed during the course :

Eco-design, industrialisation, approval and flow optimisation.

The training covers the entire packaging life cycle by progressively developing these skills in three levels (novice, intermediate and expert).

Learning and assessment situations (LAS):

The SAEs put students in professional situations while being supervised by the teachers during the course of the BUT (600h). They are carried out in small groups, each one working on various subjects as close as possible to a professional context. The objective is to develop the students' relational and professional skills by putting into practice the resources studied in class.

The four competencies of the course: Eco-design of packaging solutions, Industrialisation of packaging solutions, Approval of a packaging/product pairing, Optimisation of internal/external flows.
The 4 training skills. Click to enlarge.


  • partnerships with high schools to promote continuity between high school and university;
  • heterogeneous pairs to mix the profiles of each (technical baccalaureate - general baccalaureate);
  • tutoring of 2nd years to facilitate the transition to higher education;
  • the organisation of the timetable to spread the work over the semester;
  • the mid-semester assessment for the follow-up of students in difficulty;
  • individualised support on working methods;
  • evaluation of the teaching by means of a questionnaire, carried out per semester and per course.

Further study

With GOAL 3 (or even after the 2nd year):

The mission of the Packaging and Packing department is to train senior technicians capable of taking up the challenges linked to the necessary evolution of packaging and packing processes, with a view to direct professional integration, but also towards degrees of the Bac+5 type.

Graduates in Packaging and Packing must therefore have a solid scientific and technical foundation to be able to integrate and contribute their knowledge in a multidisciplinary and evolving sector of activity.

Adaptability to the professional world

A training course focused on professionalization:

  • Internships: minimum 10 weeks of internship in the 2nd year (with the possibility of doing it abroad).
  • Work experience in the 3rd year (or 16 weeks of work experience):

The department supports and encourages work-study programmes, which allow students to finance their studies by alternating periods of teaching at the IUT with the discovery of the professional aspects of the diploma, in a host company.

Professional situations associated with skills: Eco-design, Industrialisation, Approval, Optimisation
Professional situations associated with the skills seen by the students. Click to enlarge.


Directly with the GOAL or with further study, graduates join the industrial or service departments:

 Purchasing, packaging, quality assurance and control, testing, R&D, research lab, logistics, ...

In various sectors of industry:

Cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food processing, automotive, aeronautics, etc.

In particular, the positions of : 

Packaging designer, Quality control technician, Logistics technician, Packaging buyer, Packaging line manager, Packaging project manager, Packaging manager/engineer, Logistics manager...

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BUT PEC Packaging, Packaging and Packing

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PEC GOAL: Eco-design, certification, supply chain
PEC GOAL: Eco-design and industrialisation

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PEC GOAL: Eco-design, certification, supply chain
PEC GOAL: Eco-design and industrialisation

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