DU International Technology Studies

This diploma is intended for students in the BUT programme at the IUT of Avignon University. The University Diploma in International Technological Studies (DUETI) enables students to acquire additional training in their speciality in a foreign university and professional environment, to master the language of their speciality and also to learn the socio-cultural context of the host country.

Conditions of registration

The student must be registered abroad in a higher education institution with which the IUT concerned has concluded cooperation and exchange relations (within the framework of the SOCRATES programmes or others), after agreement of the Programme Manager and the Director of the IUT concerned. The student must therefore register twice: at Avignon University, in the DUETI programme and also in the foreign university whose programme he/she has chosen to follow.

Conditions for obtaining

This diploma attests to and validates one year of study in a higher education institution, and the student must have completed the entire academic year - with a minimum of 450 hours of teaching - 60 ECTS - and have passed the assessment tests organised by the host institution as part of the planned curriculum.

A study programme will be drawn up in consultation with the host institutions. A study contract will be signed by the head of the home and host institutions and by the student.

General information


The departing students :
Valérie Blin (TC, PEC and SD), Elise Buisson (GB).

Incoming students :
Valérie Blin (TC, PEC and SD), Elise Buisson (GB).

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