Vacant teaching positions

Photo of students in an amphitheatre attending a lecture.

Teaching shifts

Generally speaking, the University Institutes of Technology (IUTs) rely on the extensive participation of players from the world of business, both in the teaching and in the running of the establishments. Professionals are called upon to assess the value of the courses offered by the national advisory committees, the national teaching committees that provide guidance on the content of the programmes and the professional development councils for the University Bachelors of Technology (BUT).

Since its creation, the IUT d'Avignon University has forged privileged links with companies: it is administered by an IUT council whose president comes from the economic world and it is this council that elects, among the teachers, the person who manages the IUT.

At the IUT d'Avignon University, many actors from the professional world are involved in the teaching programmes, directly with the students, in the context of courses, practical work and conferences.

The presence of professionals is essential for the balance of the teaching provided and for the adequacy of the training with a constantly evolving labour market.

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