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Léo ROCHER's thesis defence: Wednesday 10 April 2024 at 2:30 pm - amphitheatre of the Avignon University Institute of Technology (IUT)

After 3 years of work on the influence of grassing between vine rows on auxiliary arthropodswe are delighted to invite you to the thesis defence from Léo ROCHERentitled : "Identification of vegetation parameters favouring beneficial arthropods and associated ecological functions in viticulture: a correlative and experimental approach", which visit will take place on Wednesday 10 April at 2.30pm, within the IUT amphitheatre.

Summary of thesis:

The decline in biodiversity in agro-ecosystems is largely attributed to the rise of modern agriculture. The main causes are the destruction of semi-natural structures, the extension of the size of agricultural plots and the intensive use of inputs. Arthropods play an important role in enhancing essential ecosystem services such as pest regulation and pollination. Vegetation is a key factor in encouraging their presence. Plants provide crucial food resources and habitats for arthropods. To encourage these organisms in agro-ecosystems and restore the associated ecological functions, practices such as the introduction of semi-natural structures are relevant. In permanent crops such as vineyards, such structures can be set up within the plots. In the Mediterranean region, vineyard inter-row management often involves eliminating uncultivated vegetation for reasons of water competition and to control plant species considered harmful.

The aim of this thesis work is to gain a better understanding of how inter-row vegetation can encourage the presence of beneficial arthropods and the predation function, while limiting the proliferation of harmful plant species in Mediterranean vineyards (Luberon, France). Three main research questions were posed: (1) Does the presence of grass cover and its floristic composition influence the presence of ants, important players in the predation function in vines? (2) Which functional groups in the vegetation are linked to the abundance of predatory and pollinating arthropods and the predation function? (3) Does diversified and local grass cover increase the presence of beneficial arthropods, improve the predation function and limit the establishment of problem plant species?

In the first chapter we studied the response of ants to grass cover in 23 vineyards. Ants play a crucial role in predation in Mediterranean vineyards (Luberon, France). We tested the effect of three vegetation management methods on the diversity and frequency of ants: inter-row grassing, partial grassing and no grassing. We showed that the partially grassed vineyards had a greater diversity of ants than the non-grassed vineyards. Grass cover and the presence of perennial plants positively influenced ant richness, suggesting the importance of taking these factors into account in vegetation management. In the second chapter, we examined which characteristics of spontaneous vegetation influence beneficial arthropods and the predation function in 37 vineyards. We found that nectariferous flower cover and plant species richness favoured most groups of beneficial arthropods, as well as the predation function. These results highlight the importance of floral resources and plant diversity in favouring the presence of the arthropods studied. Finally, the last chapter is devoted to a sowing experiment and its monitoring over two years. Three types of grassing were compared: high-diversity sowing, spontaneous vegetation and inter-rows without vegetation. In line with the second chapter, our results highlight the positive effects of plant richness and flower cover on weed control, the abundance of beneficial arthropods and the predation function. All the results of this thesis work converge and highlight the importance of considering different vegetation parameters to favour beneficial arthropods in viticulture.

Tags: Ants, Agroecology, Community ecology, Sustainable viticulture, Semi-natural habitats, Ecosystem services, Arthropods, Predation, Unwanted species

lecture by Clémentine Mutillod entitled "Is the grass always greener elsewhere? The effects of the return of wild horses (Equus ferus przewalski) to the Mongolian steppe".

Photo showing wild horses on a steppe.

Thursday 11 April 2024, from 1.00 pm to 2.00 pmas part of from Midisciences organised by Avignon Universityour colleague Clémentine Mutillod (PhD student IMBE - IUT d'Avignon) will give a talk entitled  "Is the grass always greener elsewhere? The effects of the return of wild horses (Equus ferus przewalski) to the Mongolian steppe".

"In 2004 and 2005, Przewalski's horses - considered to be the last wild horse in the world - have been reintroduced into their original area, the steppes of Mongolia, in an enclosed reserve of 14,000ha.

Following an initial survey of the flora inside and outside this reserve in 2010, a second field campaign was carried out in 2023, as part of the thesis of Clémentine Mutillod thanks to Avignon University, the Société Française d'Écologie et d'Évolution, the Khomyn Talyn Takhi association and the Takh Association.

A look back at the two months spent on site, between scientific surveys and natural and cultural discoveries.

So come one, come all to attend in theCERI Ada Lovelace amphitheatre, Jean-Henri Fabre Campus or live on theUniversity of Avignon.

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BUT 2 Packaging, Emballage & Conditionnement students from the Avignon University IUT visit Domaine de la Camarette

Emilie MORISSON and Chloé MÉLIEtwo students from BUT 2 Packaging, Wrapping and Packing (PEC) went to the Domaine de la Camarette and were interviewed at the event. These contacts were made possible thanks to the Communauté d'Agglomération: Les Sorgues du Comtat and in particular its economic development department. Special thanks to David ALBENDEA, Deputy Director - Economic Development and Attractiveness Department of the Les Sorgues du Comtat Conurbation and elected member of the Board of Directors.Avignon University IUT.

They tell us about their programme of study, based on 4 key areas:

  • The design
  • Industrialisation
  • Certification
  • Logistics.

They are carrying out various studies in these areas of expertise, and have visited the Domaine de la Camarettein Pernes-Les-Fontaines, to design packaging for the legumes produced on the estate.

The day was kicked off by Nancy, the owner of the estate, who presented the different legumes grown and at the same time explained the company's core values.

The students were divided into 4 working groups of 4 people, using theIUT d'Avignon UniversityFor each of their creations, they came up with a packaging design and an atmospheric presentation board.

A prolific and studious day for our students in the speciality Packaging, Wrapping and PackingThis was a great opportunity to put into practice the courses given as part of the PEC.

17th Student Business Meeting - Thursday 21 March 2024

Another great success for this 17th Student-Business Meeting which took place on Thursday 21 March 2024 on the premises of Avignon University IUT.
This event was an opportunity for second-year students to GOAL to meet over thirty companies representing a real breeding ground for employment.

The Avignon University IUT Business Club would like to extend its warmest thanks to the companies that took part in this event, which was based around conferences and job round tables, with a new format this year with the organisation of a Job Dating event.

The companies present had the opportunity to offer internships and apprenticeship contracts to students from the IUT at Agronomy, Food Science & Biotechnology, Packaging, Data Science, Marketing, Banking.

Once again, our warmest thanks to all the companies who took part, and we look forward to seeing you again in 2025!

Reception of Dr P. Valentina CARRASCO CARBALLIDO by the IMBE of the iut and Avignon University

This academic year, Avignon University and IMBE welcomes teacher-researcher Dr. P. Valentina Carrasco Carballido.

A Mexican national, Valentina works at the Autonomous University of the State of Morelos (UAEM)at Centre for Biodiversity and Conservation Research (CIBYC, Centro de Investigación en Biodiversidad y Conservación) in the Sustainable Management for Ecosystem Conservation and Development research team.

Its main line of research concerns ecological restoration with the participation of local communities.

Valentina will be present at the the IUT of Avignon University until June 2024. She benefits from incoming mobility support from Avignon University.
e-mails: and

"Les Rencontres de l'IUT d'Avignon Université" (Avignon University Institute of Technology Meetings)

Representative photo of the IUT Meeting, the general presentation of which was given by the heads of department of the various specialities in the IUT amphitheatre.

As part of the PANORAMAThe French Ministry of Education, Academic Inspectors, Headteachers, Assistant Headteachers and Head Teachers have been invited by the Service d'Accompagnement à la Formation, l'Insertion, la Réussite et l'Entrepreneuriat (Training, Integration, Success and Entrepreneurship Support Service) (SAFIRE) à Avignon University IUT.

The aim is to communicate more effectively about our courses to secondary school students, helping them to discover the different specialities in our schools. University Bachelors of Technology (GOAL).

After a warm welcome with a cup of coffee, a general presentation was given by the heads of department in the IUT amphitheatre.
Workshops then followed, in rotating groups, in the Technology Hall and the IUT amphitheatre:

  • Packaging Packaging and Packaging (PEC)presented by the Head of Department:
    Mr Régis BRINGUIER,
  • Data Science (DS)presented by the Head of Department: Delphine BLANKE,
  • Biological Engineering (GB)- Course Agronomy and Food Science and Biotechnologypresented by the Head of Department: Ms Céline BOURGEOIS,
  • Marketing Techniques (TC)presented by the Head of Department:

The day ended on a convivial note, with an aperitif and lunch, and a tour of the Avignon Université IUT premises.

Avignon University Institute of Technology Open Day 2024

Come one, come all to the Avignon University IUT Open Daywhich will take place Saturday 3 February 2024, from 9amon our premises.

European Life VineAdapt project at the IUT d'Avignon UNIVERSITY

On 16 October 2023, the IUT Avignon Université was the venue for training on budget management for international Life projects.

The course was led by financial expert : Barbora Patockova of the Ernst & Youngcommissioned by the European Union.

French partners of the project, Avignon University - IMBE and the Marrenon wine cooperative (Luberon)invited their German, Hungarian and Austrian colleagues to visit the experimental vineyard plots in the Luberon and the partners' premises in the Luberon. the IUT, the Bonnieux cellar and the cooperative at La Tour-d'Aigues.

The purpose of the visit was also to discuss the progress of the project and the next stage of the works.
The main challenge of the Life VineAdapt project is the resilience of wine-growing agroecosystems in the face of climate change.

Following on from previous work, we are working on the assumption that a richer biodiversity and better adapted vineyard management will enable better adaptation to the future climate. The work of the French partners focuses on the ecosystem services associated with diversified inter-row grassing, and on the ecological impact of irrigation - increasingly used in Mediterranean viticulture. The French study area is the Luberon.

The work in France is led by two teacher-researchers from the Avignon University IUT: Armin Bischoff and Olivier Blight and involve two doctoral students Léo Rocher and Émile Melloul also based at the IUT.

For further information:

The Packaging, Emballage et Conditionnement department at Avignon University's IUT is committed to the Telethon project

The Department PackagingThe Packaging and Packing department of the Avignon University IUT is committed.

The Telethon in Vaucluse visited the site to select the student projects. She really appreciated the students' work, and each group quickly presented their piggy banks to her. She talked to them about the positive points of each project and finally selected 3.

The department undertakes to produce the following free of charge 30 products to be made available in various stores in the Vaucluse region (Cavaillon in particular).

This is a real initiative for the students involved and a great showcase for the course.

The coordinator also points out that she will be presenting the students' achievements to the national council of the téléthon.#théléton #3637 #packaging #iut

CLARANOR welcomes 2nd year Packaging Emballage et Conditionnement students on Friday 6 October 2023

" Friday 6 October 2023students from Packaging - 2nd year (PEC2) were welcomed to the the company CLARANOR, specialises in the development of decontamination equipment using pulsed light. Director Christophe RIEDEL.

Christophe RIEDEL spoke about new developments at CLARANOR which are the subject of patent applications, if not to prevent counterfeiting, to enable the company to market its equipment. In fact, in a packaging regulatory context where Reuse, Reduction and Recyclability (AGEC Law) are guiding company investments, CLARANOR offers them solutions that are compatible with changes in the market: in the ultra-fresh sector, decontamination of preformed PET/rPET jars (instead of PP, as rPET is the only plastic suitable for contact with food) to prevent them from deforming (following heat treatment with H2O2); int/ext decontamination of packaging returned by consumers to the self-service section in supermarkets prior to reuse or in shops for cosmetics.

In the assembly workshop, we were able to see equipment for decontaminating in-line corks or cosmetics packaging for re-use.

We would like to extend our warmest thanks to Christophe RIEDEL for hosting the company CLARANOR.


Representative photo of the BUT 3 SD and BUT 3 PEC videoconference meeting.

Avignon University IUT Business Club organised theundi 2 and tuesday 3 october 2023, the Apprenticeship Masters' Meetings companies hosting the 18 3rd-year apprentices in the BUT PACKAGING PACKAGING AND PACKAGING as well as 15 3rd year apprentices from BUT DATA SCIENCE.

A big thank you to all the companies that support our apprentices!


Photo of an amphitheatre at the GB Apprenticeship Masters' Meeting.

BUT GB Apprenticeship Masters' Meeting - Agronomy & Food Science and Biotechnology pathway

Avignon University IUT Business Club organised Friday 29 September 2023the Meeting of Apprentice Masters companies hosting the 35 3rd year apprentices on the BUT BIOLOGICAL ENGINEERING in Agronomy and Food Science and Biotechnology courses.

This meeting was an opportunity to remind those involved in work-linked training of the importance of the apprenticeship booklet, a necessary link between the educational tutor, the company and the apprentice, as well as to present the training courses at the IUT of Avignon University and internship opportunities for our BUT 1, BUT 2 and BUT 3 and apprenticeships for the coming months with Formasup Méditerranée.

We would like to thank all the companies that are taking on our 35 apprentices this year.

Meeting of Apprentice Masters - BUT TC 3 - Digital Marketing, e-business and Entrepreneurship (MDEE) course

The Meeting of Apprentice Masters for students enrolled in the BUT 3 TC - Digital Marketing, E-business and Entrepreneurship course will take place :

  • Thursday 19 October 2023 from 11.30 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the IUT examination room


Photo by Léa SABY, doctoral student at the IMBE of the Avignon University IUT.

Mr Thierry DUTOIT and the entire IUT team are delighted to inform you that Léa SABY, a doctoral student at the IMBE, on the IUT premises (Office 12 - DRC OF THE TC BUILDING), won the prize for the second best poster at the 65th international conference of the International Society of Plant Sciences, held in Australia at the beginning of September.

Thierry DUTOIT sends his warmest congratulations to Léa SABY for promoting IMBE's research on the other side of the world.

To find out more: Click here:

IUT d'Avignon Université welcomes the French Association for the Development of Technical Education (AFDET 84), Tuesday 13 June 2023

Representative photo of the AFDET 2023 awards ceremony.

On Tuesday 13 June 2023, the Avignon University Institute of Technology welcomed the French Association for the Development of Technical Education (AFDET 84) to present trophies for the best work placement reports by secondary school students.

This event, organised by AFDET 84 in partnership with the Académie de Vaucluse, was an opportunity to reward young Vaucluse students from *colleges and *high schools for their eloquence following the presentation of their work placement reports.

The morning began with an introduction by Christine Dransart, Director of the IUT, and it was in a warm atmosphere that the young students received their prizes, under the watchful eye of their teaching staff and school heads.

The event was hosted by Annie Marra, Vice-President of the association, and by Armande PatronClaudie François-Gallin, Academic Director (DASEN) Marie-Line Tardivel, Guidance Inspector, Chrystelle Jablonsky-Castanier, Vice-President of the Conseil départemental 84.

The event continued with a tour of the IUT premises and technology hall, and ended on a convivial note with a cocktail lunch.

Congratulations once again to the young winners from the Vaucluse!

*Schools registered for the challenge 

AVIGNON: Lycée René Char / Lycée des Métiers Maria Casarès / Lycée Vincent de Paul / Collège Roumanille / Collège Anselme Mathieu
ORANGE: Collège Arausio / Collège Jean Giono-Segpa
CARPENTRAS: Collège Jean-Henri Fabre / Collège François Raspail-Segpa
CAVAILLON: Collège Paul Gauthier.

Élise Buisson, appointed Knight of the National Order of Merit

Photo by Élise Buisson

Our colleague, Elise Buisson, Senior lecturer HDR in the team IRPNC, department Biological Engineering at the Avignon IUT, has just been appointed "Knight of the National Order of Merit by the Minister for Ecological Transition.

Thierry Dutoit, Director of Research at the CNRS and Deputy Director of the IMBE Laboratory, Natural and Cultural Heritage Restoration Engineering Team, congratulates Élise Buisson:

"Thierry Dutoit, Director of Research at the CNRS and Deputy Director of the IMBE Laboratory's Natural and Cultural Heritage Restoration Engineering Team, congratulates Élise Buisson: "This is a great honour, amply deserved in view of her exceptional scientific activities and their international impact on the ecological restoration of ecosystems.

To find out more, click here

Discover the portrait of Élise Buisson

DataViz Challenge 2023

Thursday 25 May 2023was held on the premises of the Avignon University IUT, the DataViz challengeunder the direction of Mr Pierre-Michel BOUSQUET. This data visualisation competition for students at France's Instituts Universitaires de Technologie (IUT) is aimed at first-year students.

Representative photo of a group of students from the Data Science department who won the DataViz 2023 competition.

Students in the Data Science (SD) speciality are required to work in teams over one day to produce a graphical representation based on a set of real data from two proposed themes. This year, the official partner of the competition was the SNCF, with the presence of Data-Scientist engineer Pierre-Louis Piron, whom we would like to thank warmly.

A panel of judges made up of data specialists assessed the students who took part in the challenge, based on the participation of first-year students from the Data Science (DS) department, who competed and presented their work in free form.

The IUT d'Avignon Université, and more specifically the Data Science (SD) department, is pleased and proud to announce the group that won this challenge:

Mr Alexandre MEKDADE
Mr Titouan ROUSSEL

We would especially like to thank Pierre-Michel Bousquet, who ensured that everything ran smoothly throughout the day, as well as our local communications officer for her photo report and editorial work. Once again, congratulations to the winning students of the DataViz 2023 competition.

New at the IUT d'Avignon Université: the Packaging Emballage & Conditionnement course now has an Instagram account and a corresponding qr code: find out more about this course.

To log in to this account please click here

QR Code to the BUT Packaging instagram account.

Access to the application files of the courses offered by the IUT of Avignon University

the student photo competition: " Another Look at Industry".

Take part in the student photo competition: "Un Autre Regard sur l'Industrie" (Another Look at Industry), which closes in just one month, and submit your application for the 2023 industrial photography prize: (Click on the "participate" button and fill in the form).

Representative photo of a vintage camera.

Please also find below the dates of our next events, not to be missed:

  • 15 May 2023 Registration closes at midnight 
  • 17 May 2023 Selection of the top 10 triptychs retained by the members of the jury (remotely: by e-mail)
  • 22 May 2023 (9am - 11am) Selection of the 5 winners by the members of the jury in person at the Hôtel de l'Industrie - Salle Rueff (5 winners including 1 "jury's favourite" who will win €1000)

Screening of advertising films created by TC students: Thursday 13 April 2023

On Thursday 13 April 2023, in the amphitheatre of the IUT of Avignon University, the students of the Marketing Techniques department, registered in BUT 2 showed advertising films to an audience of students from the TC department, as well as the teaching staff, which were created and imagined by the second year students.

Representative photo of the projection of advertising films created by the 2nd year students of the Communication Techniques department of the IUT of Avignon University.

This screening is the result of a partnership with the company Organic workshops in Provence located in Carpentras. This company asked our second year students to design a fresh pasta project, a project that could inspire the company's ongoing innovation process.

Mr Eric Martin, Commercial Director of Organic workshops in Provence was among us and participated in the animation of this screening and in the deliberations of the jury.

The nominees were :

- For the Audience Award
Group "Tortellico": Julien Bozzi, Corentin Deschamps, Anas Mansouri, Thomas Pardon, Nawfel Taibi, Alan Vidau

- For the Jury Prize
Group "Sorrentinos: Estelle Arago, Lou Coussin, Benjamin Lurmin, Valentin Michel, Benjamin Perrier, Francia Maholidy

These winners, invited by Mr Martin to the Organic workshops in ProvenceIn addition to the screening of the films, the companies will present their advertising films to the entire staff and will receive a prize at the end of the screening.

This action was an opportunity for 1st year students of the TC department to find out what exercise they will have to do when they are in the second year.
This encourages this young generation to excel.

We would like to thank all the teaching team for the support given to the students of the TC department throughout their course, as well as Mr Eric Martin, for the support and motivation he gave to these young people.

Alumni Day of the Marketing Techniques Department of the IUT of Avignon University - Thursday 13 April 2023

This Thursday 13 April 2023The event took place at the the IUT of Avignon University, the alumni day of the Marketing Techniques department.

Representative photo of the alumni day of the Marketing Techniques department of the IUT of Avignon University.

The event started at around 9:30 am with a coffee reception in the boardroom, followed by a presentation of the academic and professional background of the alumni of the Marketing Techniques Department A series of lectures was given in the examination room to the students of the current class.

The assembly then split up into several groups, within the different rooms of the TC building, in order to discuss in small groups.

Finally, the morning ended on a convivial note with a cocktail reception, before a screening of advertising films in the Amphitheatrein the afternoon; films imagined and directed by students from the Marketing Techniques department of the class of 2022-2023.

This action allowed former TC students to meet their teachers and classmates from their university days, and the students of the current year to exchange with their elders on the pursuit of their studies and professional life after BUT.

"INTERACTION" organises mobile job-dating with THE JOB BUS

THE EMPLOYMENT BUS gives you an appointment Tuesday 4 April next, from 2pm to 5pm at the IUTon the TC North parking of the IUT of Avignon University - Jean-Henri Fabre Campus

Come and have job interviews with local companies that are recruiting!

A snack will be offered to participants

Picture of the job bus, during a mobile job dating which took place in the North car park of the TC department of the IUT of Azvignon University, on Tuesday 4 April 2023.

A meeting between the current students of the Commercialisation Techniques department and the former TC students will take place on Thursday 13 April 2023 at 9am at the IUT of Avignon University

Poster announcing the alumni day of the Marketing Techniques department.

During this meeting, TC alumni are invited to share their educational and professional background of all types with TC 2023 students.

At the same time, they will be able to meet up with their former teachers and classmates over a buffet.

We then asked all former TC students of the IUT of Avignon University to come and participate in this day.

Please send us a feedback by email and confirm your attendance if you are interested to the following address


Visit of the Château de Beauregard and design of a gift pack imagined by the students of the Packaging and Packing department - 2nd year

On Friday, October 7th, 2022, as part of the launch of events at the Château de Beauregard, students from the Packaging and Packing department of the IUT of Avignon University, in groups of 4, took part in the design of a gift pack, grouping together 3 local products, for the clients of the château.

A jury composed of staff and the stage manager of the castle, determined the winning pack at the end of the afternoon.

The Club Entreprises of the IUT of Avignon University meets the apprenticeship masters of the BUT TC and LP e-CMN courses

On Thursday, October 6, 2022, the Club Entreprises of the IUT of Avignon University had the honour of receiving the companies of the region hosting students on work-study contracts in the 2nd year of the Marketing Techniques program and in the e-Commerce and Digital Marketing Professional License.

This meeting was an opportunity to remind those involved in work-linked training of the importance of the apprenticeship booklet, a necessary link between the educational tutor, the company and the student. But also to present the main lines of the reform of the BUT, which opens up great opportunities for hiring work-linked students for the next university year.

Meeting of partners and presentation of the technology hall - PEC and GB specialities

The IUT ofAvignon University was pleased to welcome in its premises: the Agglomeration Community "Les Sorgues du Comtat, Provence Numérique and Petite Ville de Tomorrow " of the Town hall of l'Isle-sur-la-Sorgue.

An opportunity to discover the GB department of the IUT of Avignon University and its microbiology laboratories, its food production hall and its microbrewerys technology hall, followed by a visit to the Packaging Department Packaging and Packing with the presentation of the progress of the virtuous polymer recycling project that the PEC department with the Town Hall of Isle-Sur-La-Sorgue.


Visit of the company Ateliers Bio de Provence by the BUT TC 2

The IUT d'Avignon Université would like to thank the agri-food company 100 % dedicated to organic products since 1985: ATELIERS BIO DE PROVENCE, which opened its doors to students in the 2nd year of the Marketing Techniques course at the IUT d'Avignon Université, as part of their project in a learning and assessment situation.

The Club Entreprises of the IUT of Avignon University would like to thank Eric MARTIN, Director of Development, and Lisa PALLIER, Purchasing and Sales Manager (former student of the IUT) for their welcome, their presentation and their exchange of experience.

Company visits enable young students to discover the economic activity of our territory. It enhances the value of the professions and the know-how of companies and reinforces the interest of young people in the training courses that lead to them.


The Club Entreprises of the IUT d'Avignon University invites the Apprentice Masters of the students in work-study programs in BUT TC and LP e-CMN


The Club Entreprises is honoured to receive on Thursday 6th October the companies of the region hosting students on work-study contracts in the 2nd year of the Marketing Techniques degree and the E-Commerce and Digital Marketing Professional Degree.
This meeting will be an opportunity to remind those involved in work-linked training of the importance of the apprenticeship booklet, which is essential between the educational tutor, the company and the student.


The doctoral students of the imbe on the iut of avignon are awarded:

At the UMR IMBE doctoral students' day, where 25 doctoral students presented their work, the Monday 04 July 2022 at AMU, campus de l'Etoile; Ms. Tania De AlmeidaThe former doctoral student of the IRPNC team at the IUT of Avignon (office 12 RDC TC) obtained the Christopher Augur prize for the best valorization of the thesis whose subject was " Impact of an ecosystem engineer species and its use in ecological restoration - The case of an ant, Messor barbarus (L.) in Mediterranean grasslands ".

Ms. Ludivine Laffon (Inrae PSH ) and Ms. Romane Blaya ( IUT- GB), both doctoral students at IMBE (IRPNC team), respectively won the first and second prize for the best oral presentation during the day.

Congratulations to them for bringing the excellence of the research carried out by the IMBE to the IUT of Avignon.

Small seminar on environmental law research :

On Wednesday 06 July 2022, from 10:30 to 12:30, the lawyers of the IRPNC team of the IMBE organised a small seminar to present their work in room 002 of the TC department of the IUT of Avignon. On the agenda:

Lenna Girard (Master 2) : ZAN for dummies (ZAN = zero net artificialisation), the issues of legal definition and implementation of ZAN.

Sarah Kubien (PhD student): Avoidance in environmental law: an entry through environmental assessments.

Samuel Raquin (Master 2): Jurisdictional control of the Avoid-Reduce-Compensate sequence in administrative jurisprudence since the 2016 Biodiversity Act

–  Martha Lucas (MCF AU): Erosion of biodiversity - global limits and French law.