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The department Marketing Techniques prepares students for management positions in the commercial departments of production, distribution or service companies. It enables students to acquire higher education of an operational nature in fields as varied as sales, distribution, promotion, advertising, market research and international trade.

It is therefore intended to train professionals who will be able to adapt to all sales-related situations, whatever the company's field of activity.

The application for registration in the department is made via the platform Parcoursup.

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The University Bachelor of Technology (BUT) in Marketing Techniques (TC) allows :

  • to train students for versatile, autonomous and progressive sales positions
  • to accompany students on a genuine professional university course
  • to prepare for professional integration or further study through internships and work-study programmes.
In six semesters, the Marketing Techniques BUT trains students in all fields of commerce. The targeted skills are wide-ranging.

Targeted competences

The training is organised around three blocks of common skills:

  • Marketing
  • Sale
  • Communication
In the second year students choose one of the following courses:
  • Digital Marketing E-business and Entrepreneurship
  • Business Development and Customer Relationship Management
In the third year, students are offered a sandwich course:
  • Digital Marketing, E-business and Entrepreneurship (sandwich course possible for 3rd year and traditional training)
  • Business Development and Customer Relationship Management (3rd year sandwich course)

adaptability to the professional world :

Tutored projects / SAE: 600 h

2 week internship in 1st year of BUT

8-week internship in the 2nd year of BUT

Work-linked training in 3rd year at BUT for the 3 courses or 12 to 16 week work placement for the classic Digital Marketing, E-business and Entrepreneurship course.

The objective is to integrate into the company and carry out a commercial mission using the knowledge acquired during the training.