A One-Stop-Shop

Photo showing men and women working in the corporate world against a background of a world map.

A one-stop shop for businesses

The IUT of Avignon University is setting up a one-stop shop for companies.

Its objective? To guide companies, according to their needs, towards the relevant IUT services:

  • Orienting companies wishing to offer an internship, work experience or a job,
  • To promote the IUT through various actions.

Internships: a unique opportunity to discover the company's school and a privileged period for the company wishing to hire new employees.

Work-linked training: offered in the IUT. Choosing a sandwich course at IUT d'Avignon Université means committing to a high value-added training programme. As a guarantee of success and integration, IUT d'Avignon Université has always strongly supported this form of training.

Job offers: current students and the alumni network are always on the lookout for professional offers. This is why the Club Entreprises publishes job offers.

For each of these proposals we recommend that you specify

  1. the context,
  2. missions,
  3. the place
  4. contact details
There is only one address for rapid processing of your request: contact our one-stop shop, specifying in the subject line of the e-mail the subject: INTERNSHIP, TRAINEESHIP, or JOB OFFER: