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A bridge to the professional world

Since its creation, the IUT d'Avignon University has been training graduates with skills and qualifications recognised in the socio-economic world, notably thanks to the very close links forged with local companies.

During their time at university, our students are exposed to the demands of the world of work at a very early stage, through work placements, sandwich courses, projects and so on. These are all opportunities to apply the knowledge and skills acquired in the B.U.T. programme.

Creating a unique network to strengthen the synergy between IUT and companies is of paramount importance, which is why the IUT d'Avignon Université is launching its Club Entreprises. Its aim is to initiate and develop cross-disciplinary links between higher education and companies, through the personal involvement of managers and directors on the one hand, and lecturers and students on the other.

Logo representing the Business Club