BACHELOR UNIVERSITAIRE DE TECHNOLOGIE Biological Engineering, Agronomy (Agro)

This diploma is prepared in 3 yearsIt is aligned with international standards and facilitates exchanges with foreign universities. It is aligned with international standards and facilitates exchanges with foreign universities. The BUT GB Agronomy course prepares students for the following professions Assistant Engineer in Agronomy. Graduates can work in a wide range of sectors: farms, local authorities and institutional bodies, consultancies, agricultural and biotechnology companies, seed companies, research laboratories, environmental protection associations, etc. Avignon University's IUT is located in the heart of the Avignon region. Agroparc technology park (centre of excellence Avignon, which is home to companies in the agronomy and agri-food sectors, as well as research centres including INRA, CTCPA, CRITT Agroalimentaire and the Chamber of Agriculture). In line with developments in the agronomy sector and the regional context, agronomy courses at the IUT d'Avignon Université focus on agroecology (integrated farming, simplified cultivation techniques, organic farming, the interface between agriculture and the environment), plant pathology and plant biotechnology. This course is open to high school graduates from general (scientific profiles) and technological (STL -STAV) streams.

The Biological Engineering department of the IUT of Avignon University hosts part of the the Mediterranean Institute of Biodiversity and Ecology (IMBE) and its team of teacher-researchers.

The courses are also taught by professional speakers from the agronomy-agroecology sector (INRA, regional nature parks, breeding or phytosanitary production companies, etc).

Research and development projects on food and biotechnology of the future and three internships are compulsory:

- 2 weeks at the end of the first year to discover the professional world

- 8 to 12 weeks minimum of technical training in 2nd year

- 14 to 16 weeks engineering assistant placement in 3rd year or year in alternation

They allow students to enrich their Curriculum Vitae and to better envisage their future and possibly their further studies.

Scientific excellence, close supervision and project-based teaching are the key words of the team of the Biological Engineering Department of the IUT of Avignon University.

Placement sites: research laboratories, companies in the agronomy sector, environmental consultancies, conservatories for natural areas

Further studies: Masters or engineering schools

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